Samer Salama

Meet Samer Salama, a licensed Florida public adjuster with a diverse background. Born in Kuwait and raised in Egypt, he attended a multinational school, becoming fluent in both Arabic and English. His family moved to the United States when he was 11, settling in Florida, where he attended high school. As a high school athlete, Samer developed discipline and gratitude for life in the U.S., inspiring him to pursue a rewarding and service-oriented career.

After high school, Samer entered the roofing industry, gaining valuable experience in the property insurance and claims process. Witnessing firsthand how insurance carriers mistreat reference policyholders, he decided to further his education and obtained his public adjuster’s license. His goal became advocating for homeowners and policyholders facing the unfortunate situation of property damage.

Throughout his career, Samer has handled a diverse range of claims, including those related to natural disasters, plumbing and drainage failures, electrical issues, and structural collapses. His firsthand experience in the roofing industry enhances his ability to navigate complex insurance scenarios.

As a committed professional, Samer stays informed about the evolving insurance landscape, ensuring he is well-versed in the latest industry trends and regulations. This dedication allows him to provide clients with the most satisfactory service, serving as a reliable advocate in times of need.