After Your Insured Property Suffers Damage, Should You First Contact a Public Adjuster or Contractor? 

When it comes to filing insurance claims in Florida, many people believe they should immediately hire a contractor. However, opting for a contractor right away may lead to a loss of control over the funds allocated to fix your property. We advise property owners to avoid starting with a contractor and instead hire a qualified public adjuster to help make sure everything is correctly handled with your best interests in mind.

It’s a common scenario where clients tied to a contractor end up disputing how the money should be utilized. Hiring a contractor to handle your claim means relinquishing control over the funds and your preferences for prioritizing repairs. Moreover, contractors are legally restricted from discussing policy language or pricing (they can only talk about the scope of the work). If a contractor claims they will negotiate your Florida property insurance claim, they might be committing a 3rd degree felony or they will most likely end-up hiring a public adjuster anyways… We work with many of them. Wouldn’t you rather choose your own public adjuster? 

Choosing a public adjuster from the beginning offers a different approach and Trust Public Adjusting Group is here to help. With a public adjuster, you retain control over the funds without having to deal with the overwhelming insurance claim process. The public adjuster will collaborate with various construction specialists throughout the process, and this flexibility allows you to assess and choose contractors without committing to one prematurely. Contact our team of Florida Public Adjusters by calling 386-456-6885, emailing, or completing our help form.