Florida Public Adjusters Helping Property Owners Throughout The Property Insurance Claim Mediation and Arbitration Process 

Public adjusters are insurance claim experts qualified to represent you in the arbitration and mediation process.  


Mediation serves as a non-binding alternative dispute resolution method and can function as a final recourse before opting for the legal route through the judicial system. This non-binding and confidential forum facilitates open communication, allowing participants to enhance their understanding of each other’s perspectives. Guided by a neutral mediator paid for by the insurance company.  The parties collaboratively work towards achieving a fair and mutually acceptable settlement. Our seasoned team of experts is well-equipped to provide professional mediation services, aiding parties in reaching agreements that serve their collective interests.  Trust Public Adjusting Group has handled hundreds of mediations.


The arbitration process is much like the mediation process, except it is binding.  Having a seasoned public adjuster represent you in arbitration is crucial to increase your odds of a good outcome.  A public adjuster is generally less expensive than an attorney for arbitration and public adjusters are property damage experts that adjust claims and negotiate losses.  Attorneys are litigation specialists and focus on contractual breaches and law suits.  It is arguable that having a public adjuster is better suited for arbitration versus an attorney or any other insurance experts.  This is because a public adjuster is involved in the property inspection, engineering meetings, field adjusting meetings, assessing damages in person, and documenting all the claim processes, possible carrier mistakes, etc.

The arbitration process may prove to be a effective method for resolving disputes related to the insured loss amount. It offers a swifter, more economical, and less formal alternative to pursuing legal action. Consult with your public adjuster before entering into the arbitration process.  This option is binding and will have a permanent outcome.

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