Top Public Adjuster Help with Lightning Damage Property Insurance Claim

After suffering lightning damage to your insured Florida home or business, it is important to find help from the best public insurance adjusters in the area. Our team of public adjusters are licensed insurance adjusters that know how to help property owners after experiencing any type of storm damage. The experienced public insurance adjusters at Trust Public Adjusting Group (TRUST) have successfully represented many lightning strike insurance claims including commercial, residential, airplanes, and private jets. Florida’s favorite public adjusters are here to help you with your lightning insurance claim. Our team has been known to increase some homeowners claims by more than 700%!

When lightning strikes your property, the damage may be obvious, but there can be a tremendous amount of property damage not visible to even the average insurance adjuster or contractor. In fact, lightning does not even have to directly strike your home to cause damage. There is so much more than the physical damage that a lightning strike can cause. Having the proper inspection done by top insurance professionals is a key part of protecting your property from current and future damage that may result from a lightning strike. If a lightning storm moves through your area, contact us to start a proper and professional investigation immediately. Trust Public Adjusting Group has the proven experience and trusted experts that are ready to help detect all possible types of property damages resulting from a lightning storm. Our public adjusters are well-connected with many trusted lightning experts in Florida, which helps for quickly procuring the documentation needed to build a strong lightning insurance claim. Remember, there is no out-of-pocket expense to the property owner.

Trust Public Adjusting Group has the knowledge, connections and ability to think outside the box when representing a thunderstorm or lightning insurance claim. For instance, a lightning strike may cause significant issues with your electrical system throughout the home, which may result in the insurance claim paying for the re-wiring the entire home. Our public adjusters have even helped homeowners that suffered plumbing problems directly stemming from lighting strikes. Trust Public Adjusting Group will ensure that all aspects of your property, including the electrical wiring and plumbing of the property is intact if you have experienced a lightning strike. Schedule a free lightning strike property inspection and policy review today! Contact us by calling 386-456-6885, emailing or texting 850-708-2582.