Concerned About Filing a Florida Property Insurance Claim?

When filing property insurance claims in Florida, people are often concerned about potential rate increases and the fear of being dropped by the insurance provider. Trust Public Adjusting Group feels that it is crucial to clarify that insurance companies can’t immediately “drop” policyholders; but instead, they may choose to non-renew the policy at its term’s end for reasons outside of filing claims. Also, filing a claim doesn’t trigger automatic premium increases, as insurance companies are prohibited from using individual claims as a basis for raising premiums, unlike in car insurance.

Do Not Be Afraid To Use The Insurance You Pay For

When… Not if, but when premiums increase, it is determined by an entire geographical area, typically zip code or county, rather than being tied to an individual claim. This means that whether or not a Florida property insurance claim is filed, individuals won’t be singled out for rate hikes. You pay for your insurance to protect your property. You shouldn’t be afraid to file a claim, and there isn’t a reason to be. If your home or business has suffered damage, contact us (386-456-6885 or today and schedule a free consultation with a property insurance expert that will work to achieve your best interests.