Tips for Streamlining Your Property’s
Storm Insurance Damage Claim in Florida 

If your home or business has been negatively affected by a storm or any other natural disaster, Trust Public Adjusting Group is here to help throughout the entire insurance claims process. When you are ready for a free consultation from a trusted public adjuster in Florida, contact our experienced experts that are ready to help you with any type of natural disaster related claim. Our local public adjusters help Florida homeowners get the most from storm damage insurance claims! Trust us to maximize your Florida storm insurance claim and make sure you are properly compensated. If you’re still trying to decide what to do and have not yet hired a public adjuster, we have some helpful tips that will later help streamline your property insurance claim.

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy from your agent or broker as soon as possible.
  • Do what you can to mitigate ongoing property damage, by doing things like boarding damaged windows and covering any exposures from roof damage.
  • Gather a detailed inventory list of all valued items that are damaged. Include all potentially affected contents: like the brand, quantity, age and price when purchased.
  • Get multiple independent damage estimates to help get a more accurate cost range for rebuilding or restoring your damaged property.
  • Wait to make most major repairs until a full range of damages has been agreed upon in a settlement with your insurance company.
  • Document all communication with your insurance company (text, phone, email or fax), and never sign a general contractor’s “for insurance proceeds” agreement without first contacting us.
  • Even if you have a restoration company come fix some damages right away, never allow any damaged contents to be removed until you have met with a public insurance adjuster.
  • If your homeowners or commercial insurance claim is not settled within two months of filing, demand a detailed explanation from your insurance company.
  • Most importantly, contact us to help you get the most from your claim. Our public insurance adjusters will uncover all potential benefits of your policy.

Water Damage, Wind Damage, Fire Damage and all other types of damage can happen during a severe storm such as a hurricane or tornado. As each type of damage potentially compounds, that much more importance should be placed on maximizing the return of your property’s insurance claim. Incorrect or incomplete documentation of these claims are one of the most common reasons that many property storm insurance claim settlements are underpaid or completely denied. Selecting the best public insurance adjuster for the job shouldn’t be a hard decision. Get started by either contacting our team directly (call 386-456-6885 or email or by scheduling a free review of your homeowner’s or commercial insurance policy.