Insurance Claim Help
After Flood Damage to Property in Florida 

It’s estimated that every year one in five homes experience flood damage to some extent. When water damages your home, you need to make an insurance claim. If you live in Florida, a Florida public insurance adjuster can help you follow your claim and get full compensation. Before filing your property damage flood insurance claim, look over this helpful information and contact our team of public adjusters for a free consultation. When you are ready to act, contact Trust Public Adjusting Group for help from the best public adjusters in Florida. Florida flood insurance and getting fully covered after suffering property damage can be tricky.  We will make sure your flood insurance claim is handled quickly and professionally.

Potential Causes of Flood Damage to Your Home or Business 

  • Weather Conditions Causing Flood or Water Damage to Property: The weather is the primary source of flooding all over Florida. If you’re living near the any of Florida coastlines, you may have to contend with heavy rain, straight-line wind damage, hail damage, storm surge, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. All these perils can most certainly cause extensive water damage.
  • Broken Pipes Causing Flood or Water Damage to Property: Though most people do not consider broken pipes much of a threat for flood damage, but this could potentially cause a lot of water damage to your home or business. Whether dealing with your completely broken pipes or just slightly leaking, damaged pipes can be the beginning of major flood to your home or business resulting in extensive water damage.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances Causing Flood or Water Damage to Property: Some appliances used in controlling water flow in your establishment may face some technical issues that may become detrimental later on. Things like faulty valves, pressure gauges, taps, and other water-related appliances could potentially lead to flooding in the home. This can lead to an insurance claim paying for new flooring, cabinets, baseboards, furniture, etc.
  • Improper Drainage Causing Flood or Water Damage to Property: Poor drainage doesn’t only cause floods, but it can also water damage to your walls, fixtures, and flooring. Some clogs may appear benign, but they can potentially cause your toilets, sinks, and showers to overflow with water that may cause considerable damage.
  • Roof Damage Causing Flood Damage to Property: Damage to a roof might be obvious or could start small and worsen over-time. One of the many ways roof damage can be devastating is the added potential of also experiencing flood damage to your home or business.
  • Sewer Back-Up Causing Flood Damage to Property: We all know how devastating it could get if your waste is not draining correctly. If regular cleaning of pipe blockages do not happen, sewer back-ups are likely to occur and cause flood damage to your property.

Potential Water Damage Issues Caused During a Flood 

  • Structural Damage and Electrical Damage from Flooding: Water seeping into the walls might cause the walls weaken and even compromise the electrical wiring.
  • Appliance Damage from Flooding: Most of the appliances we have in our homes are not designed to be submerged into water.
  • Mold and Mildew from Flood Damage: Flooding creates extra moisture where it should not be, facilitating the development of both mold and mildew in the walls and throughout your home or business.
  • Damage to Septic and Well Water Systems from Flooding: When there is an unprecedented overflow caused by a Florida flood, it could damage the valves and gauges of those well-water and septic systems.
  • Flood Damage to Additional Property Items: Flood damage to your property may also cause damage to the furniture. Carpets, couches, tables, chairs, beds, and many other things may be damaged beyond repair.

What Steps to Take After Suffering Flood Damage

Hire our public adjusters and discover all the ways we can best help. Trust Public Adjusting Group is offering a complimentary review of the flood damage and your property’s insurance policy. There is no upfront cost, and we don’t get paid unit you get paid! Our team of public adjusters are experienced with Flood Damage Insurance Claims and ready to help insurance property owners in Florida. Contact us today by emailing or calling 386-456-6885.