How is Public Adjusting Different From My Insurance

Your homeowner’s property insurance is there to protect the investment of your home, but the insurance companies still must run a business. How do you know that your Florida insurance claim will be fully reimbursed for all damages? The answer is simple…. Don’t just accept what your insurance company says and move on, but instead, hire a professional public insurance adjuster to perform your own private assessment and assist with your claims process. While an Independent Adjuster and a Public Adjuster would both be examining the same insurance claim, the motives for each party could be very different. Public Adjusters work for you, not the insurance companies. Our Public Insurance Adjusters will review your property insurance policy & help file your property insurance damage claim.

Insurance companies have their own people, Independent or Staff Adjusters, that will be sent to assess the legitimacy of your insurance claim. These people work for the insurance companies and are not the same as a public adjuster for several reasons, with the most obvious being that they work directly for the insurance company and not the policyholder. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, an Independent Adjuster can’t represent both the property owner and insurance company. While doing the best job they are permitted to do, Staff Adjusters must meet the goals set by their employers, forcing them to sometimes be biased against paying out what your claim is actually worth. If they issued each homeowner the maximum amount of reimbursement for all insurance claims, how long do you think they would keep that job?

Public Adjusters work for homeowners and not the insurance companies. Our Public Insurance Adjusters are here to help make sure that homeowners do not get shorted by insurance companies and their adjusters. Trust Public Adjusting Group will come inspect your property and help with your claim. If there is nothing for us to help, there will be no charge. We represent homeowners and WE ONLY GET PAID IF YOU GET PAID. No matter the status of your claim, if it’s already been denied, we will work to maximize and resolve your property insurance claim. Allow us to be your advocate and relax knowing that we are looking out for your best interests. If your home or business has suffered damage, contact us or call 386-456-6885 to schedule a free consultation..