Jill Miller

Jill Miller has had a diverse and fulfilling life journey, from growing up in New York to raising her children in Malibu, California. Her connection to Florida through her mother’s roots in Pensacola led to a significant life change when her son, Sterling Scott, encouraged her to obtain a Public Adjusting License and relocate to Florida.

Becoming an office manager and obtaining a Public Adjusting License allowed Jill to actively engage in the insurance claim process. Managing the office, she has a hands-on approach to every claim and finds reward in assisting clients through the entire process, culminating in the satisfaction of handing them their indemnification check. This career change seems to have brought a sense of fulfillment and purpose to Jill’s professional life.

It’s evident that Jill Miller has worn many hats throughout her life, including roles such as a mother, interior designer, real estate agent, and overseeing the design and construction of multi-million-dollar custom homes in California and Utah. Her adaptability and willingness to take on new challenges have led her to a successful and satisfying career in public adjusting in Florida.

License #W707705