Matthew Mink

Matthew resides in Winter Park with his wife of 25 years and their three sons. With a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry, particularly in roofing, Matthew brings extensive expertise to his profession as a Public Adjuster. Beyond his professional background, he actively participates in the Policyholder Ambassadors program.

Matthew is a passionate advocate for the rights of Florida citizens in their interactions with insurance companies. He has taken his advocacy to the forefront, speaking in front of the House and Senate of the Florida Legislature. His mission is to ensure that insurance companies are held accountable when policyholders are unfairly underpaid or denied.

Combining his hands-on experience in construction, in-depth knowledge of Florida laws and statutes, and a comprehensive understanding of insurance policies, Matthew collaborates with Trust Public Adjusting Group. Together, they employ proven claim documenting processes and leverage an extensive network of industry experts. This collaborative effort makes Matthew an unwavering advocate for the policyholders he represents, striving to secure fair and just outcomes in their insurance claims.

License #W829188