Evan Foster

Evan started helping policyholders as a public adjuster when my parents had an insurance claim happen to our house almost 10 years ago. We had a cast iron pipe leak causing over 100k in repair costs. Our insurance company offered my parents around a third of that cost to cover the expensive repairs needed. We hired a Public Adjuster who recovered a sufficient settlement for us and we were finally able to get all of our repairs completed. That same Public Adjuster who helped my family asked me to work with him.

Now years later, I am a licensed Public Adjuster in the State of Florida and have helped many policyholders recover sufficient settlements. I handle all types of claims, small and large-loss catastrophic claims. I am also a statewide Florida Appraiser representing policyholders during their Appraisal process. I negotiate reconstruction estimates with Opposing Appraisers, and top Florida-certified umpires/judges when insurance claims are demanded into Appraisal.

Mr. Foster is not a public adjuster with Trust Public Adjusting Group. He is an impartial appraiser hired by the policy holders, but Evan has been involved in number of Trust Public Adjusting Group claims.