Insurance Claim Services Offered

Insurance Claim Services Offered

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When faced with filing an insurance claim, Property Owners are most satisfied after contacting a Public Adjuster. Filing a property insurance claim can be daunting and overwhelming. From having to meet with the insurance company’s adjuster, to the engineers’ inspection, recorded statements, gathering documents, creating a proper estimate, getting contractors, the negotiations, and much more; let us at Trust Public Adjusting Group take care of the entire claim process. Whether you need the help of a Pubic Adjuster in Daytona Beach or anywhere else, our experienced team is here to serve you.

There is no upfront cost and we don’t get paid until you do.

Just one of the crucial reasons for hiring Trust Public Adjusting Group is that we’ll work on your behalf to drastically increase the insurance company’s payout! As a matter of fact, a recent Government study (OPPAGA) reported that Public Adjusters increase insurance payouts by 747%. Not only will we help free you from the difficulties of an insurance claim, but you can trust that we will help you get a much higher and more appropriate payout.

If the insurance company sends out an insurance adjuster to represent them, shouldn’t you also be represented and protected by your own Public Adjuster? Always choose Trust Public Adjusting Group when searching for any type of Public Adjusting in Florida. Call 850-708-2582 or click here to get started.

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Increased Payout

Even though a recent OPPAGA study showed that hiring a Public Adjuster can increase the payout by an average of 747%, Trust Public Adjusting Group has been know to far surpass that. In fact, we have even overturned denied claims! Some claims have been increased from around $10,000 to over $100,000! Our extensive knowledge of state laws & statutes, building codes, continuing education and elite software are just some of the key reasons this is possible.

Is it too late?

We can still help you file a new claim or help with an existing, closed or denied claim! Trust Public Adjusting Group will lead you toward a more suitable payout from the insurance company. Please note that to assure your highest possible return, it is vital for us to get us involved from the start. Contact us for a free consultation, property inspection and policy review.